A Political Failure and the Butcher of the Dardanelles! How Far do You Agree with This Assessment of Churchills Career Between 1902 and 1918?

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“A Political Failure and the Butcher of the Dardanelles!” – How Far do You Agree with This Assessment of Churchill’s Career Between 1902 and 1918?

   When people think of Winston Churchill, a majority will think of his being Prime Minister during the Second World War and the victories that stemmed from this. However, Churchill wasn’t always a successful politician, starting off in the army and having to work his way from MP of Oldham to Prime Minister of Britain. The period of 1902-1918 saw a mixture of success and failure.

   In the early years of his political career, Churchill was the Conservative MP for Oldham, but he resigned from the party in 1905, when they pulled out of government. Churchill was made a junior minister in the new Liberal government, who won the 1906 vote with a landslide victory. It was in this party where Churchill met David Lloyd George, who was, like Churchill, was very interested in the idea of social reform. This was the government that introduced the idea of the ‘welfare state’. Churchill played a part in the social reforms that helped make Britain the country it is today. With Lloyd George supporting his desire to do something about the state of the nation, he was able to put forward ideas to help Britain, and this is something for which we, as a country, can still be grateful for. It was with the help of his talent for speaking to the public and campaigning that these reforms were passed.

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   People must have noticed Churchill’s remarkable talents, as in 1910 he was given the position of Home Secretary, and only a year later, he was given the highly prestigious title of First Lord of the Admiralty.  This was a major step upwards in Churchill’s career. The British navy was central to the power of the nation, and it was he who would be at the head of it, politically. Churchill was very proud of the role he had acquired, and poured out all of his ideas to the senior commanders, with their lifetime experience. He was ready to hold ...

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