'A Search For Truth'.

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English Coursework: Creative Writing

‘A Search For Truth’

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear James⎯ Happy birthday to you!” James was awoken by the duet of his mother and father congratulating him on his arrival to the next year of his life. He had now approached double figures, a young boy of ten years, and his parents had planned a little surprise in celebration of this.

“Come on dear, please get changed quickly.”

        “What’s the hurry mum?” James asked intrigued and excitedly.

        “We are off to visit your grandmother.” The enthusiasm was rapidly lost among James’ imagination and the possibility of a rather uninteresting day became more apparent.

        “Oh…. alright then mum.”

        “There’s no need to sound so melancholy about it.”

        James’ grandmother lived quite locally and when his parent’s drove past her house, James’ unenthusiastic little face, suddenly filled with colour and his expression was of sheer delight. This was not because James disliked his grandmother, quite the opposite as he enjoyed visiting her. However, because she lived within a close proximity to his house, James made regular visits to her and the prospect of spending his birthday celebrations at her house did not seem terribly exhilarating.

Join now!

        When they parked the car at the Theme Park, James was greeted by his friends and smothered with beautifully wrapped presents. It was similar to what one could expect in a fairy tale, and the children walked off in high spirits, discussing which amusement ride to queue for first.

        The day went past and a selection of James’ friends returned to his house for a sleep over.

        “I like your house James.”

        “Thanks Tim. Haven’t you been here before?”

        “No. I haven’t even met your parents before. Well your adopted parents should I say.”

        “What do you mean ‘adopted parents’. ...

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