A Stalinist but not a Marxist country. How accurate is this judgement of the USSR up to 1939?

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A Stalinist but not a Marxist country. How accurate is this judgement of the USSR up to 1939? [30]

During the Soviet Era under Stalin’s rule, he had glorified his personal position to an extent that he was worshipped as a divine figure and this was unlikely what Marxism advocated. Stalin had made use of his personal position and turned a once Marxist USSR to a Stalinist USSR.

An evident proof that USSR was a Stalinist country could be seen with the promotion of Stalin’s cult of personality. However, such idea of glorifying one’s personal position was not what the Marxist ideology would accept. Throughout Stalin’s rule, he had created an idealized, heroic and worshipful image through unquestioning flattery and praise. History was re-written to glorify Stalin where during the Bolsheviks Revolution 1917, Stalin, and not Trotsky, had been Lenin’s second in command. Further evidence includes statues of Stalin scattered all over USSR and places were even named after Stalin, such as Volgograd renamed to Stalingrad in 1925. Stalin had used his personality cult for his own benefit and wanted to ensure an unwavering and everlasting support from the Soviets, and turned USSR from a once Marxist-Leninist country to a Stalinist country.
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Stalin’s policies were also not based on what was practiced under Marxist ideology. During his rule, he had promoted women’s status and family values which was not evident according to Marxist theory. Stalin had passed the Family Code 1936 to strengthen family values. Under the Family Code, the government began to award payments to women with large families, banned abortions, and made divorces more difficult to obtain to ensure the strengthening of family ties and values. However, viewing family in a positive life was not what Marxism would advocate. Marxism had a contrasting and negative view on family ...

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