Abraham Lincoln: The Man, the Emancipator

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Abraham Lincoln: The Man, the Emancipator

        Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln was the president responsible for granting slaves their freedom after the civil war but what about the rest of his life.  During his childhood he had to fight through the death of his mother at a very young age and the lack of a father that was always there for him.  The life of Abraham Lincoln was everything but a fairy tale.

        Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln were poor farmers who lived in a one-room log cabin in the small town Hodgenville, Kentucky.  They had lived in the cabin for three years before giving birth to their second child, Abraham, on February 12th, 1809.  He was given the name Abraham in memory of his grandfather who was killed while farming with his three sons by a group of Native Americans (Donald, 10).  Before Abraham was two years old the family moved ten miles to a two hundred-thirty acre farm in a town on the Knob Creek.  

        In October of 1818 young Abraham experienced the first tragedy in his life.  On October 5th his mother died of Brucellosis or more commonly “milk sickness” (27).  It was hard for Abraham and his older sister, Sarah, to deal with.  Dennis Hanks, their Uncle, moved in to help Thomas raise his two kids.  Dennis was like a second father figure in their life.  It was Dennis, not Thomas, who taught Abraham to read, write, and farm (31).  

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        Thomas traveled back to Kentucky to find a wife and mother for his children in 1820.  He did so when he married the widowed mother Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln.  Abraham and Sarah were very close.  They stuck together while Thomas would have to make trips for supplies into town and would be gone for days at a time (43).  

In 1830 Lincoln attended school from time to time, worked in the farm fields, and read whenever he got the chance.  That same year Thomas moved the family to Illinois where they settled near Decatur.  It was here where Abraham ...

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