Account for Mao's rise to power

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                 Account for Mao’s rise to power.

Mao Zedong and the communist party came to power in 1949, we can account for the rise by applying Stephen Lee’s criteria to it. The four main factors that led to this rise were conditions of China and failure of previous governments, failure of GMD, CCP tactics and strong leadership. It is important to note that not all these factors were created solely or even at all by Mao.

Mao Zedong was one of the founding members of the CCP in 1921. His appointment as leader of the most successful communist base in Kiangsi gained him respect and in return for his services to the communist party he was elected Chairman of the central soviet government in 1931. It is difficult to unscramble Mao’s individual contribution to the CCP’s rise but many historians believe his background and personality helped him become chairman. Jung Chang disagrees, instead suggesting that he became leader through manipulation. It is generally undebated that Mao was a strong unifying leader this increased the CCP’s popularity amongst the general population as problems that were affecting China such as disunification were a direct consequence of weak leadership.

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 At the start of the 1900’s China was industrially underdeveloped, traditional and weak. The failure of the traditional political system in china led to the formation of the CCP (not until 1921) and GMD as an alternative to the unpopular government. The Qing dynasty was a weak government riddles with widespread corruption. The main cause of weakness was economic dominance by foreign powers caused by unequal treaties, unhappiness at these led to uprisings and rebellions.  Widespread unpopularity due to the above issues led to the Manchu /Qing dynasty ending. The failure of the Yuan Shi Kai’s government can be ...

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This is a good response that considers the Chinese context well when explaining Mao's rise. More focus is needed on the military victories of the CCP during the civil war to provide a full picture and the author should aim to refer to dates as much as possible. A sound explanation overall.