Assess the role of political factors in causing rebellions in Tudor England

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Assess the role of political factors in causing rebellions in Tudor England?

Political factors were one of the common reasons of the Tudor rebellions. Most of the reasons were regularly were often out of selfness and greed whether it would be plan to overthrow the king to put a person who would be in their favor or to get rid of evil advisers so that they can have political influence as many of them vary most of the political factors were influenced by the greed and selfness of nobles as well as the powerful. Although the other factors are important, political, remains a consistent, underlying factor throughout the rebellion.

Faction politics was a principle cause in causing the Tudor rebellions. As noble did not want to be out of favor with the queen or monarch factions were usually formed to in some way allow them to keep hold of their influences or power for example the northern earls formed a faction together with Arundel, Pembroke and other councilors to overthrow William Cecil the queens personal secretary claiming that he is responsible for giving the queen ill political advice. Although they state they have a reason for doing this that was an excuse to cover up there real motive which would was to get rid of Cecil to be in favor of the queen and regain their is also stated that political factions have been the start or the main reasons for many of the rebellions this means that most factions were indeed made for political reasons and is also a main political factor for causing many of the rebellions.

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Evil advisers also played a part in the causing of rebellions. Rebel leaders actually believed that once they successfully removed the current royal advisers new and wiser ones would follow the ones in power clearly did not fit roles as they had been born in a commoner’s background e.g. Cromwell had been a merchant and a onetime mercenary they believed people like Cromwell to have exploited their positions and fell into corruption by making profits. Due to their belief this reason also helped make a start in the rebellions as rebel leaders truly believed that the royal advisers were evil ...

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