"Bag of bones" is the title of the novel I read over the summer. It was written by Stephen King.

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“BAG OF BONES” is the title of the novel I read over the summer.  It was written by Stephen King.  Stephen King always writes his books with fantastic detailed drama, horror, mystery, and sometimes romance, creating a book that is a terrific example of his best writing techniques combined.  And this book has them all.  “BAG OF BONES” is gripping, suspenseful and unforgettable.  Stephen King writes this book with such detail through the eyes of his main character that you can literally visualize the settings complete with all your five senses.  He has you on the edge of your seat one-minute, laughing the next and wanting to cry the next.

The main character of this book is the subjective first-person narrator; his name is Mike Noonan.  Mike Noonan is an acclaimed writer who recently lost his wife to a brain aneurysm. He is 36 years old at the beginning of the story.  “BAG OF BONES” takes place over a four-year period of time. The story has three settings. The first is Derry, Maine, where his Victorian home is. This is the town where his wife dies. He is still in mourning, and since her death he has been unable to write.  He is suffering from writer’s block.  So he uses stashed books he had previously written to continue publishing books.  He keeps his writer’s block a secret. The second setting is his dreams, his haunting dreams of Sarah Laugh’s.  For some reason, Mike is drawn back to his lake lodge at Dark Score Lake located in western Maine in a town named Manderly. Named “Sarah Laughs,” after a previous owner, the fourteen-room lodge proves to be haunted.  This is the third setting.

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Eventually Mike’s vivid, haunting dreams and nightmares draw him to go back to his isolated lake-side home which is deep in the woods in Manderly. This is an old Yankee town filled with families that go back for many generations.  He finds the town familiar, at least on the surface.  He later finds that underneath it all, the town has changed. It was held in the grip of a very mean man, Max Devore, a millionaire stock tycoon. While visiting town the next day, Mike meets a young lady named Mattie after coming in to a close encounter with her ...

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