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AS and A Level: British History: Monarchy & Politics

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  1. a***s the main influences which determined the Elizabethan Church Settlement in 1559

    Provoking the people would not have helped her cause, as many Catholics saw her to be the ?pretended Queen of England.?[2]. If she chose a Catholic settlement, she would have to surrender power to Rome, but she would also then become an ally of France and Spain. However, by alienating the protestant Dutch she could potentially lose England?s leading trading partner. On the other hand, if Elizabeth followed her upbringing and returned to Protestantism, she may antagonise the leading power in Europe; Spain.

    • Word count: 1846
  2. How important was the failure to achieve annulment of Henry VIIIs marriage to Catherine of Aragon in causing Wolseys fall from power?

    he needed was the Pope to declare the papal dispensation invalid, therefore indicating that Henry and Catherine had never been legally man and wife, and the supposed marriage would be annulled, however, it became increasingly obvious that the annulment campaign was failing between July and August 1529, councillors began to line up against Wolsey, those who sided with Anne Boleyn sympathised with her cause for annulment, and those who sided with Catherine sympathised with her cause to block the annulment.

    • Word count: 1249

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