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History: Why did Lloyd George fall from power in October 1922

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History: Why did Lloyd George Fall from power in October 1922? Lloyd George became Prime Minister in 1916 with the 'great war' to deal with. Much was expected from him very quickly. He headed up a coalition made up of predominantly conservatives, also the 'New Liberals' and a few labour members. The liberal party was split between the Asquithian Liberals and the Lloyd George followers that joined the coalition. It was inevitable that this coalition would be very difficult to keep under control as it had to satisfy many different groups of society. During war time it was not so difficult as everyone in Britain had one common aim, to win the war, but what was to happen after war time? Lloyd George only headed up the coalition because the conservatives thought that he had undoubted ability to lead but it was not because of his beliefs, he was perhaps to some extent a 'puppet leader'. Along with keeping all the groups among the coalition happy he had to satisfy the country so everything he did had to keep national interest in mind. The first thing he had to deal with was the great war but at the time this was not considered that tough a task for him as he successfully managed to be munitions minister. ...read more.


Many conservatives felt that this could have been solved peacefully without the threat of war and were heavily outraged by Lloyd George's threatening response. A previous leader of the party, Bonar Law wrote a letter to the Times stating that "we cannot alone act as the policemen of the world", this summed up what many conservatives felt at the time. Lloyd George also later supported the Greeks again ahead of the Turks in dealing with the situation in the Mediterranean, which furthermore angered the conservatives who had a good relation with the Turks. Some people generally disliked Lloyd George, his style of government or his ability to govern. The conservatives liked his ability to lead and saw him as a great leader but that was about it. Some did not like his style of government, or his political beliefs, if this was to continue, how would the coalition work in peace time? Some conservatives even said that he saw himself more as a President than a Prime Minister and that he saw himself up on the 'highest pedestal' in British politics, but one must remember he was representing a party that did not share his beliefs. ...read more.


Instead he had become a scape goat for all the bad policies the conservatives had forced him to adopt which furthermore tarnished his reputation. This made sure he would have no future in politics. Class conflict played a big part in the collapse of the coalition and the fall of Lloyd George. The working class felt that their wages were too low, the middle class saw taxation as excessive, and this was all an impact of the war. Due to the layout of the political party Lloyd George represented, a coalition of majority opposition to him and two other parties, it was very hard for him to keep everyone satisfied. This is clear as no decision Lloyd George made was agree satisfactory by all the parties of the coalition, this is obviously going to cause political problems. He had to govern during one of Britain's toughest political periods, just after the Great War. This coalition and Lloyd George seemed to have inevitable failure written all over it. It is quite surprising that through all the problems economically and politically, all the arguments within the coalition that the coalition did not break down sooner. ?? ?? ?? ?? History: Why did Lloyd George Fall from power in October 1922? 2 Edward Simons ...read more.

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