By 1947, the worries had grown for America towards the spread of communism in Western Europe.

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Section C                                                                                Lloyd Griffiths

By 1947, the worries had grown for America towards the spread of communism in Western Europe. Italy and France had both come close to electing communist governments and there was a fierce civil war going on in Greece between the Royalists and the Communists, who had lost the election to the Royalists in 1946 The guerrilla warfare that went on brought yet another country in Europe closer to be being a communist state. This was worrying the United States, as the felling of Greece would open a whole new area of the world as being susceptible to communism. If the Greek communists had won the civil war and taken power there, they would have almost definitely allied with Russia and would have allowed Russia to build military bases in Greece. These bases and use of warm water ports as naval bases would have allowed Russia to go two ways, towards Turkey where much violence and trouble was boiling up or towards Western Europe where much was to be gained from there, through protecting Russia’s people through a larger buffer zone. America did not want Russia getting its hands on Turkeys because from there, the huge oils supplies of the Middle East could be found and Russia may have exploited them, cutting off supplies to the West of Oil, which was and still is the fuel which powers industry of the world. If Russia had been able to build bases in Greece then the Italian Communists would have supported them and Russia could have used this as a building block to defeat the rest of Europe. The other reason why America was fearful was also because they knew that they could not compete with the ground force of the Russians and with any extra power that Greece could provide, America knew that they would almost certainly be defeated in a ground battle with them in Europe.

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                  These worries about the Russian force and spread of Communism were to force American president Truman into a drastic change of policy in 1947 where he announced his doctrine to congress and his change of policy towards America being involved with international affairs. Previously, it had always been the policy of America to keep out of other countries affairs, and look after their own country, but this had begun to change during the Second World War, where they were forced into fighting after Pearl Harbour. President Truman then announced on ...

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