Can a consistent theme be seen in Nazi Political, Social and Economic Policies?

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Can a consistent theme be seen in Nazi Political, Social and Economic Policies?

        On the surface, Nazi Germany was a totalitarian regime with a clear goal, which stuck rigidly to its core beliefs, reflecting this in policy. In reality, despite consistency in some areas, there was a great deal of flexibility in the different ways in which the Nazis composed their policies.


        Politically, there is no real consistent theme. In the initial stages of Nazi growth, anti-Semitic sentiment was toned down due to its lack of acceptability, only pervading the policies once Hitler had consolidated his power. Hitler's hatred of the Jews was such that it was not a personal decision to tone down the anti-Semitism, but a political one. This is not to say that a detailed plan for Nazi rule did not exist. The 25 point plan, Mein Kampf and the idea of Fuhrerprinzip showed a clear idea of the direction in which the national socialists would take the Third Reich. The disillusionment with the ineffective Wiemar governments allowed the radical policies of the Nazis to be accepted by the common man, although not explicitly supported. The public never went overboard for the radial racial and social ideals of the Nazis, but an extreme government which puts food on the table and money in the bank is far preferable to the common man than a democratic government which leaves its people starving.

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        The idea of political policy itself is an interesting one, as after Hitler gained the power to rule by decree, there was no sense of a political compromise when making policies, as Hitler could do whatever he wanted, though his alleged apathy towards much of politics, especially domestic matters meant that what was introduced was often along the lines of being 'the will of the Fuhrer'. This meant that political policy followed a more consistent theme than social and economic aspects, as it was more controlled in its use, as well as being less complicated by other considerations the government ...

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