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        WWI essentially started because of the murder of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand.  This then led Serbia and Austria Hungary fighting against each other.  After this all the countries started to come part of the war as allies.  The war was well under way by this point but there were several more factors that made it a world war.  There are a couple things that stand out in WWI more than anything else.  One is entrance of the United States, the second was the arms race, and the third was trench warfare.

        In the early parts of the war it was only being fought on the European side.  This only lasted until the RMS Lusitania was shot down by a German u boat and American civilians were killed.  This brought America into the war and it became a world war.  There was another twist to this story however; Germans believed that the ocean liner that they shot was carrying weapons.  When they shot it down they claimed that they saw one explosion that was the torpedo and then another witch would have been the weapons aboard, this however was never confirmed, but it led to America going the war.

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        The second big factor in WWI was the arms race between Brittan and Germany.  This was a race to see who could have the most modernized guns, but also who could have the largest navy.  The seas took a major roll in WW1 because once you had control over the seas you had control over trade and the shipment of supplies.  Having control over the seas was a very powerful position to hold because once the war supplies are cut off any battle will come to a halt very shortly.  This is why the counties were in such a rush ...

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