Compare the characters and beliefs of Lenin and Stalin Both Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were great leaders for Russia as under their rule

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Compare the characters and beliefs of Lenin and Stalin

Both Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were great leaders for Russia as under their rule, the economic situation in the USSR was improved. Lenin was a great revolutionary thinker, an excellent strategist and was also successful In guiding the Bolsheviks to power in Russia. Lenin was a Marxist, which meant that he believed in the theories of Karl Marx, who was a German philosopher. Lenin introduced many economic policies during his rule of Russia, of which some succeeded and some failed. After the Bolsheviks came to power, Lenin changed their name to Communists. After Lenin died in 1924, Joseph Stalin came to power. He was Russia’s leader between 1929 and 1953. Though before Stalin could become the leader of Russia he had to overcome Trotsky and get rid of him as was an enemy as well as a huge threat. Stalin was considered to be a hard leader, who was ironfisted. He used the policies and ideas of Lenin and combined them with his own to change Russia from a backward agricultural state to a communist world power, which had modernised industries as well as huge modernised armed forces. Though, this enormous revolution cost Russia dearly as they lost millions of lives. Stalin was able to stay in power for thirty years because he uses policies such as terror. Although, during Stalin’s reign over Russia he accomplished a lot, he was considered to be a cruel and evil ruler. Even though Lenin and Stalin have different backgrounds, there are many similarities and differences in their characters and beliefs.

Vladimir Lenin was born on the twenty-second of April 1870 in Simbrisk, Russia. His original name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, though he later changed it to Lenin. Lenin’s father, Ilya Nickolayevich Ulyanov was an educated man who worked for the government. He was an inspector of schools. Lenin’s mother, Maria, was form a wealthy respectable family. Lenin’s family was also wealthy and he lived in luxury with his loving parents. Lenin’s upbringing was quite easy and lavish.

Joseph Stalin was born on the twenty-first of December 1879, in the Georgian village Gori. This was a small town in the south of the USSR. His birth name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilli. Stalin was part of a poor family and was his parent’s third child and the only to survive infancy. Stalin’s father, Vissaion Dzhugashvilli was a shoemaker. He was also a heavy drinker and often abused his family. Stalin’s mother, Yekaterina was a domestic servant (peasant). Stalin’s upbringing was very difficult and tough.

Lenin and Stalin had very diverse upbringings. Lenin lived a luxurious childhood with loving and caring parents, while Stalin went through a very harsh and tough childhood in poverty. Stalin was neglected as a child as his father was a drunk and abused Stalin and his mother spent her time working. Lenin did not have many responsibilities, while Stalin had to take care of his mother because his father was a drunk. Stalin had to work and struggled to survive, as he was the man of the family. Lenin’s upbringing was clearly much easier than Stalin’s.

Lenin was expected to follow his father’s footsteps. But during the 1980’s severe events occurred which led to drastic changes in Lenin’s life. Firstly, Lenin’s father died of a heart attack in 1886. This tragic incident caused Lenin to re-think his religion and he was left to follow the revolutionary movements. The next year, Lenin was prepared to go to university when news came to him, which gave him a huge shock. It was news of his brothers Alexander, that he was arrested in St. Petersburg for plotting an assassination against Alexander III. He was then given a public trial, where he was found guilty and hung on the twentieth of March 1887. Lenin lost a great part of him during this time as he had gone through two deaths within his family. This permanently changed Lenin and he became determined to avenge his brother’s death:

 “I’ll make them pay for this! I swear it!”

J. Laver – The making of a revolutionary

These events led to a great turning point in the life of Lenin. He was now considered a true revolutionary and his family was under the surveillance of the secret police, as he was considered to be a potential threat to the Tsar. Lenin was a now a feared revolutionary who people were afraid of. They considered him and his family to be dangerous as Lenin’s brother was an executed terrorist.

Later, Lenin joined the law University of Kazan. This was a city close to Simbrisk. Lenin had a high reputation at his university, as he had an excellent report for which he was highly regarded:

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”Probably his exemplary school record stood him in good stead”.

J. Laver – Lenin’s Russia (Coursework Booklet)

Though, later on at school he became more and more interested in the revolutionary ideas and he started to take part in demonstrations along with other students. His attitude towards his studies changed as became more involved with the radical political parties. The memory of his dead brother made him strive to be revolutionary and this led to his hatred towards the Tsarist establishment.

Stalin went to the Gori Church School in 1888 where he was a star pupil. He ...

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