Consider the main methods that were used in the rise of the National Prohibition Campaign

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Consider the main methods that were used in the rise of the National Prohibition Campaign.

When first looking at the prohibition campaign through the US we have to take into account that the roots of this campaign were from the middle plains of America, in which features the more church going states of the US. These parishioners in each state had the same literal thinking pushed upon them from preachers all over America “equating drunkenness with damnation, abstinence with salvation”, this puritanical temperance attitude first took hold in Kansas, which at this time was settled by idealists, all sympathetic of the church. This movement in Kansas was seen as the most fanatical, with alcohol being blamed for all demon wrongs and diseases. In Kansas drinking was seen as the 8th deadliest sin, with women being the victims of the drunken abuse. This spurred one such women to start a protest march down to the local saloon, here Elizabeth Thompson prayed for hours and hours along with loads of other women all picketing for the closure of the 13 drinking houses. This was a victory for the women in the end with all but one closing. This was to be seen as the start to women’s campaigning throughout America, with the first groups being viewed as ‘Custodians of culture’.

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 Next came the WCTU, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1874, made up mainly of middle class women who fought to make the country realise the link between abuse on women by men and alcohol consumption. Then in 1875 the WCTU challenged congress for a federal prohibition act. This group ran by Francis Willard in Illinois became one of the most successful through the use of Lobbying and Propaganda, this started as a religious campaign but soon after faded into a suffragette style movement. The WCTU also taught many of the vagrants and immigrants that came to America moving ...

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