Curriculum-Vitae - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Born: At his family's estate at Hyde Park, in Dutchess County, New York.

Parents: He was the only child of James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt.

James Roosevelt was a moderately successful businessman, with a variety of investments and a special interest in coal. He was also a conservative Democrat who was interested in politics.

Sara Delano, 26 years younger than her previously widowed husband, brought to the marriage a fortune considerably larger than that of James Roosevelt.

Franklin was born into a pleasant and sociable home, with loving parents and congenial, rather aristocratic companions.

Education: His mother supervised his education until he was 14. French-speaking and German-speaking tutors did most of the actual instruction and helped him develop early a talent for those languages.

For further education, he went to Groton School in Massachusetts, which had a reputation as one of the finest of the exclusive private schools that prepared boys for the Ivy League colleges.

From Groton Roosevelt went on to Harvard College. He entered in 1899, and remained until 1904. He took his bachelor's degree in 1903 but returned to Harvard in the fall to serve as editor of the student newspaper, The Crimson.

He then moved to New York City, where he entered the Columbia University Law School in 1904. Although he attended classes until 1907, he failed to stay on for his law degree after passing the state examinations allowing him to practice law.
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Marriage: Before he finished his work at Columbia, young Franklin Roosevelt had married his distant cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. They had been in love for some time and were married in spite of the opposition of Franklin's mother in New York City on March 17, 1905

The bride's uncle, President Theodore Roosevelt, was present at the ceremony. Five of their six children grew to maturity: Anna, James, Elliott, Franklin, Jr., and John. The chief problem faced by the young couple during the early years of their marriage was Sara Roosevelt's possessive attitude toward her son. Eleanor's forbearance ...

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