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Czech Heritage

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Alyson Kovash Intercultural Communications 216 Mrs. Marcusen October 12, 2009 How My Heritage Affects My Life Our heritage is our link to our past. Many of us have pictures of our grandparents and generations past and don't realize the big impact they made in how we live and carry out our lives today. Maybe you have a teddy bear that belonged to one of your parents when they were a child. Memories, old photographs, letters, jewelry, anything from the past that we treasure are part of our heritage. They are important because they can tell us something about where we came from. All those amazing memories and treasures need to be protected. They need to be preserved or kept safe, so that future generations can also see those treasures and know where they came from. One day your child could be playing with a toy from your childhood. People like hearing stories and being reminded of the past and it is good to pass on our memories to the next generation. ...read more.


Other foods we eat during our Christmas dinner are salad, prime rib, baked potatoes, and garlic bread. After dinner, everyone around the table may sing Christmas carols before moving to the Christmas tree, which is all lit up and beautiful. By then, presents have been placed under the tree and Santa Claus arrives for all the little kids. Everyone opens their presents and visits or plays games before we have our midnight lunch. Our midnight lunch consists of many different foods such as tiger meat, pig's feet, pickled herring, and another of Czech's popular dishes called Kutia. Kutia is a wheat grain usually served only on Christmas Eve. Easter is another big holiday celebrated by the Czechs. Czechs are known to eat a wide variety of meats, such as pork, beef, turkey, chicken, duck, hare (similar to rabbit), and venison (deer meat). Easter at my grandpa and grandma's house, my grandma makes two of those meats which are turkey and duck. ...read more.


Their white embroidered shirts have large sleeves, ending at the wrist. The shirt is always tucked into the knickers/pants. Their vests worn over the shirt are of embroidered suede, felt or a complementary color in a fabric of rich brocade. The music in which we dance to is old time music. People will enjoy the night of dancing and singing along with eating many of the Czech foods. My heritage is really important to me because it determines who I am and where I came from. Everything we celebrate and most of the foods we eat are all taught by past generations. I want to carry on the past generations to my kids some day to experience many of the customs I have experienced, and so they know where they came from. As tradition has shaped our past and continues to follow us in the future, it is our link to who we are and who we will become. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kovash1 ...read more.

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