Destined for success. To what extent do you agree that this is a fair summary for the start of Henry VIIIs reign?

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History Essay:

Destined for success” –

To what extent do you agree that this is a fair summary for the start of Henry VIII’s reign?

Henry VII a King described to be compared to a toddler learning to ride a bicycle; after many falls and uncertainties he finally found stability. However he became King of England in 1485 after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, meaning he was the Lancastrian champion against the Yorkists (War of the Roses). He took over a country damaged and torn from many years of war and instability, the Crown had changed hands six times from the time of Henry VI’s mental breakdown in 1453 to Henry VII’s victory. It was clear that Henry VII had some job to do in order to consolidate the country and frankly keep the throne.

The best asset Henry VII had was that he was able to spot what problems the country had and was to try and solve them; he first saw that the crown had not seen true stability since the reign of Edward III all the way back in 1327-1377 in which the successor of him Richard II was to blame for the many years of conflict in the War of the Roses where Henry VII was to end it all. He knew that if he was to keep the throne, he must secure the Tudor Dynasty by having pure heirs to the throne. He married Elizabeth of York and had 7 Children, all having Lancastrian and York blood meaning any rebellion was mere to impossible yet he still had opposition and the deaths of Edward Plantagenet and Perkin Warbeck was to really secure his dynasty. Henry secured his crown principally by dividing and undermining the power of the nobility, especially through the aggressive use of bonds and recognisances to secure loyalty. He also enacted laws against livery and maintenance.

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Henry VII created a competent and effective government with skilled men - but middle sort which meant easier to control - on each post rather than the normal family name connection way which designed a fully capable and educated government full of men dedicated to the king filled with intelligent advice for Henry VIII later on.

Arthur their first born was to be heir to the throne.

The expectation of Arthur was highly great, Henry VII took real time and effort into trying to mould his son into a great king and of the early ages of ...

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