' Did Alexander II deserve the title Tsar Liberator

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‘ Did Alexander II deserve the title Tsar Liberator? ‘        

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In the 19th Century, Russia had no zemstva, very little education, industry and railway building, a biased judicial system and very few freed peasants. Czar Alexander II, who succeeded Nicolas I in 1855, went some ways to remedying these deficiencies through a series of reforms. Alexander II became the great modernizer of Russia, walking a delicate line between preserving Russia's Slavic identity and enabling its people to benefit from Western advancements. For this reason he was known to some as the ‘ Czar Liberator’. However, indeed he was a liberator in name only.

Alexander II initiated substantial reforms in education, the government, the judiciary and the military. In 1861, he proclaimed the emancipation of about 20 million privately held serfs. It has been described as "the greatest social movement since the French Revolution" and constituted a major step in the freeing of labour in Russia. Yet at the same time, it helped to undermine the already shaken economic foundations of Russia's landowning class. The Czar abolished a Russia tradition, the serfdom, which symbolizing class struggle and feudalism. This was a very great step forward in the modernisation of Russia.

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Reforms of local government were closely followed emancipation. Russia, for the first time, was given a judicial system that in important respects could stand comparison with those of Western countries. In 1864, most local government in the European part of Russia was organized into provincial and districts Zemstva, which were made up of representatives of all classes and were responsible for local schools, public health, roads, prisons, food supply, and other concerns. It gave people a taste of democracy and the right to vote.

For the educational reform, the Czar adopted a more liberal education. Censorship was relaxed, ...

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This is a very strong response that demonstrates real understanding of the strengths and limitations of Alexander II's reforms, reaching a clear judgment. On occasion, first sentences of paragraphs could be clearer but it answers the question well. 5 out of 5 stars.