Do you agree with the view that in 1515-25 Henry VIII wholly surrendered power in government to Cardinal Wolsey?

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Do you agree with the view that in 1515-25 Henry VIII wholly surrendered power in government to Cardinal Wolsey?

From 1515 -1525 was the beginning of Wolsey’s power to the height of influence.

On one hand Henry did completely surrendered his power in government to Wolsey. For example when Wolsey was organising the expedition to France in 1513, although he had held none of the major offices of state he had been able to mobilise the whole machinery of government to carry out his commands. This had been possible not because Wolsey was some sort of power hungry nobody but because the king had given Wolsey the power in the organisation of the expedition to France. ‘It must have seemed that a self indulgent king had wholly surrendered the care of state into the Cardinal’s hands’. Wolsey constantly manipulated Henry so Wolsey could pass laws and policy for instance he attempted to bring greater justice to the English legal system. He controlled both of the country’s legal systems and thus could always act within the law as he interpreted it, transferring cases from one court system to another as best suited his purposes, in complete defiance of past practises and existing conventions. This shows that Henry had given power to Wolsey throughout the years, even when he was next to no importance.

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A reason for Wolsey’s power was that although he was rarely in the same place as the king, who spent a significant part of most of the years ‘progressing’ around the southern part of kingdom, whereas much of Wolsey’s time was spent committed to building up and maintaining his power base, without which he would ‘have been nothing’. Although Henry’s like of Wolsey was seemed too much; Henry would bring financial ruin to any family when one of its members was reported to have said something unflattering about Wolsey in hearing of the King, the like from Henry gave ...

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