Essay on ways in which Henry VII was successful

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Essay on ways in which Henry VII was successful…Henry the VII was successful in bettering England’s finances, instating the Tudor dynasty, foreign policy and stabilising the monarchy by controlling rebellions and nobles.  

Henry Tudor was born on 28 January 1457 in Pembroke, Wales. He was born into a country divided by the war of the roses. In which he came from the house of Lancaster, who were fighting for control of the monarch against the house of York. Henry had a claim to the throne as his mother Margaret was a descendant of Edward III. This made Henry important to the Lancastrians, and was intrusted by his mother (who gave birth at 13!) to the care of his uncle. After this the house of York crushed the Lancastrians in the battle of Tewkesbury, and as a result many from the house of Lancaster died making henry a close heir to the throne and as a safety procuration his uncle took him to France to wait for henrys chance to seize the throne. In 1485, Henry landed at Milford Haven. He marched across Wales and England to meet Richard III's forces at the Battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire. In the battle Richard III was killed and Henry was crowned King Henry, already having the popes support.

Now Henry was king he had a huge challenge on his hands England was bankrupt due to the lack of exporting from the war of the roses, The yorkists and other nobles looking for power were on the verge of constant rebellion and the country as a whole was weak as the monarchy had been very unstable for many years, this made England vulnerable to foreign attacks. But the First issue Henry had was the house of York, being born into a country divided had installed henry with the want to end the war unlike his predecessors he wanted peace and not to crush the house of York. In doing this he married Elizabeth of York thus uniting the House of Lancaster and the House of York. He adopted the Tudor rose as the emblem of England, combining the white rose of York with the red rose of Lancaster to symbolise an end to the dynastic war. This was clever of Henry as now the yorkst could not complain that they should be on the throne as they had a yorkist queen and the descendants of the two monarchs would combine the two, meaning yorkist couldn’t rebel because they wold be rebelling against their own. In some ways this was unsuccessful as some from the house of York did rebel and as a result henry took their land away from them. But It was also successful in the sense that Henry had no heirs and was the only Tudor, but this marriage would provide him with four children and an heir to the throne. He needed to establish a dynasty, so having a wife would give him children, but also stabilise the crown, as a king without an air is a weak king and fears of a war other who should rule next after the king can cause wars.

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Henry VII's grip on power was far from secure. His claim to the throne was shaky and he was plagued by plots and conspiracies. He needed to prove his claim to throne and show to the people that it was gods divine right for him to be there, he managed to successfully prove his relations to Edward III .But during Henrys rain he was constantly plagued by imposters who claimed to be the lost sons of Edward IV, making their claim stronger than Henrys. Many of these imposters gained support In particular Perkin Warbeck; He had support from the duchess ...

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