Explain why many Russians were dissatisfied with the decree emancipating the serfs in 1861

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Explain why many Russians were dissatisfied with the decree ‘emancipating the serfs’ in 1861.The decree ‘emancipating the serfs’ was unsuccessful in Russia for many reasons. It mainly negatively affected the majority of the peasants, but it created problems for some nobility and landowners too.Firstly most peasants resented having to pay redemption payments. Although the peasants previously paid feudal dues before the emancipation, much of the land the peasants worked on had been in their families for generations, and so they considered it theirs. They therefore begrudged having to carry on paying for what they regarded as their own property. In some cases peasant families were granted even less land than what they had previously worked on, but were required to pay
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higher redemption fees which to many seemed unfair. Furthermore, even if the amount of land the peasants were given was the same as they’d previously worked on,  it was often not enough to live off once other benefits were taken away. This included collecting firewood, grazing their cattle on pasture land and protection from landlords in times of hardship, and so manual labour without these advantages was to many worse than being serfs. Secondly another problem which arose after emancipation to the peasants was the Mir. As the Mir was set up by the local nobility, they could often take ...

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