Explain why Nazi Ideology was Nationalist

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Explain why Nazi Ideology was Nationalist

The Nazis 25 point plan would appeal to most as the Nazis were looking for as many votes as possible therby appealing to many different groups.

The unity of all German-speaking people; the germans lost through the Treaty of Versailles will be allowed to come back into the german nation as to become one. This would help Germany regain population and power once more.

Only Germans can be citizens. No Jew can be a German citizen; Jews were very high up, some were even within the government; allowing the Treaty of Versailles to happen, and others were wealthy in that they were dentists, etc. This would make them powerful within Germany, therefore by not allowing them to be part of the german nation, they would lose some of their power helping Germany regain strengh.

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The abolition of the Treaty of Versailles; the thought of this treaty being overturned would be appealing to most if not all german citizens as Germany lost land which they'd fought very hard over. They would also regain their identity, land and army, as well as stopping the payments they apparentley owed to all other countries involved in the war for either starting the war or the damge caused by war.

There was a nationwide desire to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and restore German greatness. The treaty was a massive blow to the nationalists pride and the Nazi ...

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