Fall of Napoleon

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Napoleon’s fall from power was a very important time in history as it had disastrous effects for some, and good effects for others. The world just changed forever; new national boundaries were set and conquered nations became ruleless. This lead to rebellions to break out all over the world.

All this started because Napoleon wanted to expand the territory of France and he was not happy with conquering only the rest of Europe. He wanted to dominate all over the world. Although France had a great military strength, Britain was always there. They meant a big problem as they were France’s greatest enemy and their naval power was unbeatable.

The truth is that Napoleon’s fall was caused by his own men. There were four major mistakes; the Continental System, the Peninsular Wars, the invasion of Russia and the fact that they tried to make people more French. They tried to spread Enlightenment ideas in conquered nations, leading to nationalism.

Napoleon had in mind breaking down Britain by blockading them from ports to give them economic problems. Britain did not give up easily. As a revenge, they forbade trade between England and any nation obeying the Berlin Decree - the Continental System. Consequently, because Britain controlled the trade on the seas, Napoleon was not able to get some resources.

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The Peninsular Wars (1807–1814) were the wars that Napoleon fought when trying to take over Spain and other countries in the Iberian Peninsula. The British sent help to Spain and together, they defeated France. Napoleon said “That unfortunate war destroyed me; it divided my forces, multiplied my obligations and undermined my morale”.

Napoleon’s third mistake was trying to take over Russia. On the 24th of July of 1812 with the so-called “Grand Army”, consisting of 600-800 thousand men, Napoleon entered Russia. The French forces advanced and the Russians retreated. Napoleon was driven into the heartland of Russia. As the French ...

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