Vietnam War

Document Based Essay Topic: Vietnam War In 1954, Vietnam brutally defeated France in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, thus ending a nine year war. The US had supported France under the policy of containment, and began their involvement in Vietnam. As the United States got progressively more involved, it got worse and worse, and eventually turned into what is now called the Vietnam War. Support of the policy of containment quickly diminished, as Americans questioned the validity of their presence in Vietnam, due to bad media which caused nation wide anti-war movements and lowered the morale of American troops, causing the inevitability of American defeat. The policy of containment had been in use for many years by that time, and Americans felt it was their duty to stop the spread of communism. In the beginning of the war, many people believed the United States was doing what was morally right by entering Vietnam. Barry Goldwater backed this up in his speech by saying, "we are at war in Vietnam and we must have the will to win that war....the security of all Asia hinges on this crucial battle" (F). Americans, however, did not obtain this will due to the lack of support. Goldwater goes on to say that the United States was at risk of "committing to communist domination its resources and its people" (F). Vietnam and its surrounding countries were vital traders of important raw

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