How Far Did Black Power Hinder Civil Rights In The 1960s?

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How far do you agree that the Black Power movement hindered Black civil rights in the 1960s?   (June 2009)    Despite being only a small minority wing of civil rights the emergence of black power caused significant internal divisions within the movement, not only by alienating the majority of white liberal support through the introduction of new beliefs and philosophies but also by radicalising already existing civil rights groups such as SNCC and CORE. Although Black Power is also often accredited for the development of black consciousness, and unity it began to create amongst black ghetto communities.      1966 saw the formation of a radical socialist group known as the Black Panthers, founded by Newton their main support came from black Americans living in the ghettoes who wanted social and economic change. However the group quickly adopted militant beliefs and began arming its members as they believed they
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should be able to defend themselves from the brutality of the police, although this undermined the idea of peaceful protest that had already become a focal point of the civil rights movement. This new belief along with events such as the Watts Riots which lasted 6 days and resulted in 34 deaths caused a complete withdrawal of support from the Federal Government, thereby causing a significant delay in any legal changes during the 1960’s which can be seen as civil rights act were only passed in 1964 and 1968 due to increased sympathy after the assassinations of Kennedy and King. ...

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