How far did Mussolini Succeed In creating a nation of fascists

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How far did Mussolini Succeed In creating a nation of fascists?

 Mussolini became priminister in 1922.  By 1925 he was the head of a stable government supported by conservatives, the catholic church and the king, His aim for the future was to create his own dictatorship, where Mussolini had complete control and was an all powerful dictator whom people aspired to. By 1926 Mussolini achieved his ambition of making himself the dictator of Italy. And parliament was fully under his control he managed to achieve almost complete control over Italy. Although he achieved this he did not create a nation of fascists.

The youth were a very important part of Italy’s future. To Mussolini Italy’s children were the fascists of the future.

Mussolini wanted a future nation of warriors and went about creating his nation of warriors by setting up, the she wolf, the Avanguardista and the Balillia. Boys were encouraged to attend these after school youth movements. Although Statistics show that although the Balillia was set up and made compulsory in 1935, just over half of children that were meant to attend actually signed up for the Balillia. A significant number of people still did not attend the fascist youth organistations.

The Balillia was set up to indoctrinate children up until the age of 18, Boys from the age of four were being exposed the most to fascist indoctrination as they were still young and naïve and so easily influenced by the fascist movement. Although the very young were easily indoctrinated and exposed to fascist values this was not so of those that were older as they were exposed to a lot less, and there were no fascist values at all.

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Boys were taught in the Balillia that fighting was a natural extension of the normal male lifestyle, girls were taught that giving birth and growing up to be good mothers was natural whilst for the boys, fighting was natural. As statistics show that just under half of boys did not attend the Balillia shows that the regime was not completely successful in indoctrinating ‘ obedience, obedience and obedience’.

Women’s role in fascist Italy was to give birth and have lots of children. Mussolini wanted a larger population for reasons of national power. He wanted more soldiers to fight his wars ...

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