How far did situation of Blacks improve in years 1945-55?

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1945-1955: We can see an improvement due to Truman’s policies. As a senator he consistently supported legislation to abolish the poll tax (which prevented the majority of Blacks from voting in the South) and to stop lynching. Truman established a liberal committee to investigate violence against Blacks in 1947 gave a report ‘To secure These Rights’-increased awareness. It highlighted the discrimination Blacks suffered and called for: anti lynching legislation, abolition of poll tax, voting rights laws, end to discrimination in interstate travel and armed forces. Truman followed the advice in some aspects and issued orders to end segregation in the army and also to guarantee fair employment in civil service through his Fair Employment Board. He also set CGCC-> (Committee on

Government Contract Compliance) federal defence contracts were not supposed to be given to companies discriminating Blacks. Eisenhower appointed strongly liberal Earl Warren the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court who decided on Brown v Board of Education.

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1955-1965: He also sent federal troops in 1957 to Little Rock to escort Black students to school. He introduced two Civil Rights Acts (1957 and 1960) both of which were intended to ensure all citizens were able to vote. Kennedy insisted on employing Blacks to civil service(employed 4 black federal judges inc. Thurgood Marshall) and created Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to promote Black employment. Integration on interstate travel was enforced in 1961 by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. He sent National Guard to protect James Meredith when registering for Mississippi Uni. He also sent federal troops to enforce integration in Alabama University. Helped in Birmingham 1963 to desegregate ...

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