How far did Truman and Eisenhower increase US involvement in Vietnam?

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How far did Truman and Eisenhower increase US involvement in Vietnam?

Vietnam is an Asian country to the east of the Indochina Peninsula. From 1946 to 1954 the Vietnamese people were under French rule, and the Vietnamese struggled for independence. In 1954 the French left, and Vietnam was temporarily divided in two, Communist north and Capitalist south. The Americans quickly moved into help the anti-communists of the south. There are several reasons for the increased US involvement, some involving Truman and Eisenhower and others that are not related to the two presidents. In order for the topic to be fully explored and the question to be answered; the actions that Truman and Eisenhower took must be compared to other factors that affected the US involvement in Vietnam.

Areas such as; the domino theory, the stalemate theory, the quagmire theory will be covered. In my personal opinion I believe Truman and Eisenhower had a big role in the amount of involvement the USA had in Vietnam.

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It could be argued that Truman had played an important role in Vietnam financially, which led to further US involvement. Truman gave France $2 Billion, 78% of their costs. Truman also gave $50 billion in economic aid to the region. Truman related the Vietnam conflict with the Cold War and therefore believed that the Vietminh were taking orders from Stalin. The Truman doctrine gave USA a reason to intervene into the situation. Truman was still receiving criticism for the loss of China, and with this in mind he couldn’t afford for there to be another communist country in the ...

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