How far do these sources agree that Wolsey's foreign policy was defensive?

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How far do these sources suggest that Wolsey’s foreign policy was defensive?

        Wolsey was a very cautious man, he satisfied Henry’s requests as well as using his requirements to earn and achieve his own positions. Wolsey was only fifteen when he entered Oxford University, one of the best universities in the whole of England. This demonstrates his firm personality, he wasn’t born into a noble family and is believed that his father was a cattle dealer; this meant he had to sacrifice himself to achieve his positions. He ended up as one of the most powerful men in the whole of England; some say he was more powerful than Henry himself. Being a religious believer may have influenced Wolsey on to make peace instead of provoking war, these sources are mostly written in a colloquial language and all commonly agree that it was a waste of money to invest in  the French territory.

        Source F disagrees with the statement as it provides the reader with several facts of Wolsey’s policy implying that his policy was to satisfy Henry with enough chivalric duties such as battles. ''... he was internationally regarded as a figure of splendid chivalric kingship...'' This is weighted towards the fact that Wolsey's policy was more about advertising how powerful Henry VIII was, rather than making peace with other powerful countries such as France and Spain therefore, disagreeing with the statement made. This source is written in colloquial language which demonstrates a very strong opinion. This source was written by Keith Randell which has written various books regarding Tutor England suggesting that this source has a hint of reliability to it however, it was written  in the twentieth century indicating that it is a secondary source and merly a matter of opinion, therefore making it less realiable, furthermore it suggests that Wolsey's foreign policy was not defensive as it suggests that his chivalric image was demonstrated in 1520; ''... His certainty was increased by events such as those at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520.'' assuming that he was seen as a brave king thereafter this event.

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        However, source G disagrees with Source F as it states that Wolsey wanted to make peace between countries suggesting that his policy was defensive as he didn't intend to provoke war. ''...Wolsey established England as the peacemaker ...'' this statement describes how Wolsey intended ally England to main powerful countries such as France, yet he is described as a cautious man that tries to satisfy Henry's ambition for representitiveness; ''...he was careful not to ignore Henry's desire for military glory...'' therefore suggesting that Wolsey was cautious not to agreviate Henry's need for military power and established peace throughout Europe. This ...

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This is a really good attempt to stick closely to the sources and does not drift off into narrative. In some places the sources are used together and this essay would be even better if there was more cross referencing and comparison of the views presented in the sources. It would also get a higher level if the evaluation of the sources was more detailed and considered how the provenance of the sources effects its value.