How far do you agree that Stalin's paranoia was the main cause of the Great Terror?

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How Far do you agree that Stalin's paranoia was the main cause of the Great Terror? (30 marks)

By the end of 1934, Stalin launched a political terror which claimed the lives of millions of Russian people. There were many reasons for the cause of the Great Terror however Stalin's paranoia greatly contributed to the Great Terror amongst other factors.

Stalin's paranoia let to the Great Terror because, he felt that he was unable to trust many of those who were in the Communist Party and therefore his only option was to remove those who he thought were a possible threat to him. For Stalin, his main concern was that he didn't want recent history to repeat itself in terms of when Trotsky, Zinoviev and Bukharin had all held prestige positions but they had later fallen from power. Stalin's enemies-the Red Army and the secret police were a fear for Stalin as to him they seemed to have too much power. Stalin's lack of control over these bodies led him to fear assassination attempts.

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Whilst Stalin's paranoia was at the centre for the cause of the Great Terror, there were a number of other factors that had contributed to the Great Terror. Another factor that has been said to cause the Great Terror is the Congress of Victors. The Congress of Victors was initially supposed to celebrate the economic achievements of Stalin however it was the revolt against Stalin from within the party; for Stalin the Congress posed a worry to him for a number of reasons. During the election to the party’s Central Committee, Stalin had received 927 votes however, Kirov received ...

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