How far was growth in support for fascism in the years 1919-22 responsible for Mussolinis appointment as Prime Minster?

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How far was growth in support for facism in the years 1919-22 responsible for Mussolinis appointment as Prime Minster?

Growth of support for facism was a reason for Mussolinis appointment as Prime Minister,however there were many other reasons for Mussolinis appointment as PM, but growth of support was very important for him.

The war and the mutilated victory, had an affect on Mussolinis appointment as PM. The main reason wad that the nationalists were bitterly disappointed that italy didn’t make any gains during the war. The nationalists claimed that Italy had been betrayed by the Liberal government, this shows that the nationalists might have wanted to overthrow the Liberal government and therefore supported Mussolini before he was appointed. This links into the title point that Mussolini had a wide support base and that it was growing. This aslo links to andother factor of his appointment, Mussolinis tactics, he used the dual stratagy, which is the threat of violence but staying within  the political system. The nationalists, who wanted a stronger Italy, would have been used as a threat of violence and rebellion. Another factor from the war was the demobalistaion of 5 million troop, this created high unemployment, both were seeking jobs and recognition for their part in the war. The troops would have felt let down as well, so therefore wanted reform and supported Mussolinis violence tactic. This also links in with the north south divide as the troops would be in the south and it hadnt industrialised as much as the north causeing a huge divide socially and economically. This demobalisation of the troops would have threated the higer classes as the troops could easily over power them for the land.  Obviously the 5 million troops would have supported Mussolini and therefore caused a growth in his support.

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Another reason for Mussolinis success was the weakness of the political system. The current political system, let fascism rise, this was made possible by parliaments system to accommodate new parties. The parliament of Italy was only being choosen by the higher classes and therefore the minority which is why Mussolini appealed to the lower classes and why he had such a wide support base. This links in with the 1912 agreement by the Liberals to expand the vote to all men over 30, this expanded the votes from 3 million to 5 million, this also links to the growth ...

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