How far were the rebellions faced by Henry VII driven by dynastic challenges?

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How far were the rebellions faced by Henry VII driven by dynastic challenges?

In 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Henry managed to defeat Richard III (king of England at the time) and claim the throne. This was the only way he was able to become king as he had very weak rights to the throne.  He experienced many rebellions in his reign but they weren’t all derived by dynastic challenges. For example the Yorkshire and rebellion were both driven by the rising of taxes when Henry lacked money. However Simnel and Warbeck’s rebellions both had the same aims and that was dynastic challenges.

The first threat to Henry was the rebellion led by Lambert Simnel in 1486. He was a yorkist who proclaimed he was Edward IV. Margret, Edward’s sister supported Simnel and sent 2,000 troops to help him throw Henry off the throne. Most his support came from Ireland but he did get some backing from England including the Earl of Lincoln, one of the only noble to oppose Henry. Henry paraded the real Edward (who was locked up in the tower by Henry) around London but this didn’t seem to make much difference. Simnel landed in Lancashire with his ‘army’ but overestimated the amount of support he was going to gain. As England was still in chaos and disorder from the War of the Roses and many disliked the Irish. This made it very hard for Simnel to succeed and as a result Henry sent 4,000 men to defeat him. Simnel’s rebellion proved that the monarchy was insecure as he did manage to achieve help from several different groups of people.

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Perkin Warbeck created another threat to Henry’s entitlement to the throne. He arrived in Cork which was the centre for Yorkist plots. Warbeck declared he was Richard duke of York whom Henry had executed previously. After we gain support from the people in Cork, he moved on to Deal where he was attacked by local militants. This showed that not everyone was going to support Warbeck. The holy roman emperor backed Warbeck but he lacked financial aid which made it difficult for him to build up an army to overpower Henry. Then he traveled to Scotland where the king of ...

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