How far would you agree that Charles Xs close relationship with the Ultras was the main reason for his downfall in 1830?

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How far would you agree that Charles X’s close relationship with the Ultras was the main reason for his downfall in 1830?

Charles X was an Ultra-royalist, an extreme right wing who craved for the return of the Ancien Regime and have an absolute monarchy.  His close relations to the Ultras and their policy are definitely the main reason for his downfall.

It begun with wanting to achieve his aims to restore the ancien regime by undermining the Charter of Liberties 1814; a so called ‘Bill of rights’ for the population of France that created jobs, spread equality and the ability to vote, only a certain amount were able to do this if they fit the criteria. However, Charles and the Ultras wish to abolish this to create an absolutist monarchy, completely ignoring the wishes of the public.

Charles X had his coronation on the 28th May 1825 at the cathedral of Reims. It can be considered that the placement of this celebration and the goal of having a divine right of king through the Catholic church as a step towards Charles X downfall in 1830. But why is that? Firstly this would undermine the Charter, even though Article 6 states that “Roman religion is the religion of the state” in Article 5 it allows “Every one [to] profess his religion with equal freedom…” but by fully making the states religion Catholicism without the freedom of practise of any other religion will eventual become his downfall as it shows he is not willing to compromise for the people of France as he by “divine right” the King will only do what God wishes, not the people.

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The Law of Sacrilege came in April 1825, a religious policy of Charles X in attempting to suppress paganism, a way for the Church to reclaim a dominant role for Catholicism in public life, e.g. education. The law restored nunneries, punishing the sacrilege of sacred objects with death which would concentrate liberal hostility and help to develop that anti-clericalism which would be one of the principle causes of the fall of the Bourbons.

The Charter abolish censorship of the press but Charles knew the press could be dangerous in the hands of the bourgeoisies and that they could use it ...

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