How far would you agree with the view that Wolseys foreign policies were defensive?

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How far would you agree with the view that Wolsey’s foreign policies were defensive? (40 marks) Wolsey was Henry VIII’s chief adviser for fifteen years (1914-1929). He planned the French invasion in which Tournai and Therouanne were seized. He organized ‘the field of the cloth of gold’ and major peace treaties like the London treaty. I would only agree to a certain extent that Wolsey’s foreign policy was defensive as although the majority of his policies were defensive, there were also some which seemed to be offensive. Firstly, Wolsey’s foreign policies were defensive in the case of ‘The treaty of London’ which was signed in 1518. This was a treaty that guaranteed peace amongst the major powers of Europe and put
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England at the centre of international relations. This treaty would be classed as defensive as it was proposed by Wolsey to make sure that England could not be attacked at a time they were so vulnerable. At this moment in time England lacked resources and coffers, due to the 1.4million coffers he had spent from 1511 onwards. The claim of France was the main reason that England was suffering financially, the war with France and the battles of spurs and Flodden was extremely costly for England and they had little to show for these battles. This meant that Wolsey needed ...

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