how the nazi's consolidated their power

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Explain How The Nazis Consolidated Their Power

Between January & The End Of March 1933

In January 1933 Hitler's political position did not look promising, he was chancellor of a national government however Hindenburg and the elites looked like they had control over him. They restricted Hitler by only allowing 3 Nazi members in the cabinet however during his months as chancellor Hitler was able to consolidate his power to become a dictator, he did this by calling a new election which allowed him to use and change the Weimar constitution and introduce an Enabling Act. There were also many key events which took place that benefited Hitler and helped him create a dictatorship such as the Reichstag fire.

Firstly Hitler was a very tactical and smart politician and source 5 supports this view. Hitler outwitted the people who put him in power, they thought they had control over him as they believed they tamed him however Hitler outsmarted his superiors and created a dictatorship. Source 5 agrees with this view by saying “Even before he was sworn into office, Hitler outplayed for the first time the two potentially most powerful cabinet members” The cabinet members mentioned are Von Papen and Hugenberg. The source emphasises Hitler's cunning tactics which he used to outplay the people who thought they had control over him and this outlines how smart and tactical Hitler was, Hindenburg and the elites thought they had tamed Hitler however this was a disguise and a front for Hitler to create a dictatorship.

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Furthermore there were various key events which helped Hitler consolidate his power, perhaps the most important and vital event was the Reichstag fire. This event was important as it increased Hitler's power, it allowed him to intimidate and threaten people with the help of the S.S and the S.A. As a result of the Reichstag decrees Hitler had the right to arbitrary arrest, this meant that he could arrest people without trial and could send them to concentration camps with the help pf the S.A and S.S, this was a suspension of civil liberties. From the fire emergency decrees ...

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