How was opposition to the Vietnam War portrayed in contemporary literature, film and popular song

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How was opposition to the Vietnam War portrayed in contemporary literature, film and popular song? [8]

        The Vietnam War was only a small part of the major battle between communism and capitalism better known as the Cold War. The cold war lasted over 20 years. The Vietnam War lasted from 1946-1954 and was a war between capitalist France and communist Vietnam. The French were supported by the USA whilst Vietnam had their own army- the Viet Minh. The Vietnam War became a major turning point in the Cold War, as this was the first time that the media were able to get a glimpse of it. As a result, homes all over the world could view the daily goings on in Vietnam. This generated much opposition. The opposition to the Vietnam War was shown in many ways- contemporary literature, film and song.

      A poem, which truly highlights the growing opposition to the war in Vietnam, is “America” by Curt Bennet. This poem shows the Vietnam War from an American soldiers perspective. We see the suffering they went through from the start of the poem, “ and wipe the dried and caking blood From my dead friends face”. This gives us a sense of empathy with the soldiers and makes the war seem pointless and heartbreaking as you watch your friends die, helpless to do anything. Another line in the poem also shows the anger and opposition to the war, “ creating lies to justify sending young boys off to die” this shows the authors anger towards the leading figures in American politics. These people dying are fathers, sons and brothers yet this poem highlights that American leaders don’t seem to realize this and just treat a soldier as a name and number. The poem also shows us the reaction of the American public to the war, “ slow, rising hate makes people march and demonstrate”. This shows how opposed the US people are to the war; they want to protest against it.

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      A song, which highlights the opposition towards the Vietnam War, is “Goodnight Saigon” by Billy Joel. This song yet again shows the Vietnam War from an American soldiers viewpoint. The song shows the fear faced by the soldiers, “prayed to Jesus Christ with all our might”. They could have faced death at any minute yet they had to remain brave. The lyrics “and who was wrong? And who was right?” highlights the futility of the war which makes the loss of life seem even more tragic. The soldiers don’t even know what they are fighting for anymore. ...

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