In What Ways did Nazi regime seek to Control and Influence German Youth?

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In What Ways did Nazi regime seek to Control and Influence German Youth? (20 Marks)

The Nazis used a number of strategic methods to easily influence the German Youth, for example, the use of propaganda, nazifying schools and introducing laws and restrictions.

The Nazis soon figured out that to win total support and popularity, that they would need the German Youth on their side. They did this by a number of different means. Firstly, the Nazis Nazified schools and textbooks, stating anti – Semitic policies and the Volksgemainschaft. Schools taught students that the welfare of the state and community were more important than social life and family. The Nazis also changed the curriculum to suit their needs and policies. More physical exercise was introduced to get the youth healthier and fitter and to be “the perfect German”. From 1935, new textbooks were produced, reflecting Nazi values. Segregation was used in that Girls were taught needlework, cooking and housekeeping whilst boys were taught combat, survival and exercise.  The Nazis used the school system they inherited, and supplemented it with new Nazi institutions.

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The establishment of the Hitler Youth and the Girls BDM (League of German Girls) dramatically influenced both German boys and girls. The Nazi’s offered exciting activities so that children would attend regularly. The Hitler Youth was introduced in 1926 and soon increased in membership. Organised camps, sporting events, competitions and military exercises attracted many German boys. The idea of holding a gun and hand to hand combat somewhat provoked young fourteen year old German boys to attend. The BDM (League of German Girls) was a Hitler associated organisation which was just for girls aged between fourteen to eighteen. Their ...

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