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JFK assassination - different theories and the evidence.

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JFK Essay

The warren report was inaccurate in its findings that that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman and killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States.

Stunned into silence, time ceased, history awakened, a malevolent cruel execution was evoked on November 22, 1963 upon John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. His motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza where it unleashed an eminence of vulnerability, threat and pandemonium, a turbulence of desperation contaminated the nation and all of mankind. This charismatic leader dedicated his life to politics and to the concepts of reasoned argument and placid political modification, this personality was identified internationally, the media divulged into the tragedy across all networks and audio stations throughout the world, as the dismay engulfed within humankind.

The turmoil of Kennedy’s assassination promoted an abundance of questions and inquires with who committed the inhumane crime? Why were there so many inaccurate findings with the lone gunman theory? Where and how many shots were ejected? Why didn’t the secret service men analyse the location for any abnormalities or deviations? The Warren Commission was formulated on November 29, 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson 36th President of the United States appointed a panel of inquiry, chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren to investigate the death of his predecessor, a summary of its conclusion was published on September 27, 1964. According to the 888 page summary of its findings, the Warren Commission determined that President Kennedy had been assassinated by a lone, demented gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who had fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building and scored two hits, one of which passed through the Presidents neck and exited his throat, the other of which entered the back of his head and terminated the life of this victim. Divulged amongst this analysis many key groups and individuals challenge and protest the authenticity and accuracy of the formulated conclusions, the events of the assassination along with the lack of hard evidence, and distinguished tampered evidence, forces a sequence of misconceptions, conveying the illusion that the government is disguising a cover-up or conspiracy.

Immersed through the idea that the American government withheld the essential truth from its citizens and the international public eyes, the JFK assassination inadequacies towards the exposure of evidence and alteration of information, photographic material and films have been interpreted through many professional perspectives. The Warren Commission eliminated all detrimental exhibits through confiscating the crowd’s pictures of the assignation along with their films. Photographs of the autopsy were locked up and the Commission only allowed artist sketches to be presented, when the real photos surfaced years later, it was evident the artist had been instructed to alter the appearance of the photos, highlighting a distorted illusion. Secret service removed and replaced the windshield of Kennedy’s limousine so they could cover up the fact that it had a bullet hole coming from the front (grassy knoll). There were at least two coffins being transported back to Washington, the other riding with Jackie was empty, the real one was flown to Walter Reed Army hospital via the back of Air Force One where doctors extracted all bullets that showed a frontal entry. They made a huge entry into the front of the neck to extract a bullet that had entered the neck from the front. A false bullet wound was also created in the back with a pristine bullet showing no deformation, and which only penetrated an inch into soft tissue (the mysterious “magic bullet”). Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby before he could talk about his CIA relationships; all navy personnel present were threatened with dire consequences if they mentioned anything they saw. Numerous witnesses were badgered and threatened to keep silent, especially the numerous ones who knew about the shots from the grassy knoll.  Over 20 witnesses who would not change their stories met with mysterious deaths. This absurdity, reinforces the Warren Commissions failure to conclude what individual or groups assassinated the president, provoking the ambiguity of the lone gunman theory, if the evidence, especially the medical was examined, researched and investigated in full measurement, then the international world would withhold a superior apprehension towards the conspiracy of the assassination, and even answers to who and why this truculent act transpired.

Composed upon a tranquil autumn’s day, hundreds of spectators entrenched the streets to which the president’s motorcade would soon advance through, families, observers and the media posed a variety of photographic equipment, in a pursuit to record the historical moment and occasion of John F. Kennedy’s presence. These individuals, eye witnesses would soon experience the monstrosity of the events which would soon manifest, these films and photographs would capture the phenomenal affair of the presidents assassination, along with personal accounts and perspectives that concur to the direction which the shots were ejected and the delude misconception of the lone guns man theory. Withholding a coherent, visible composition of the President’s motorcade, Gordon L. Arnold contested to have witnessed the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this spectator was in the process of basic army training, and was immersed within many drills that absorbed with interpreting gun fire, this portrays a significant part in Gordon’s determination to where the location of shots were ejected from. The observer stated those minutes prior to the assassination, the individual was approached by a man who identified himself as the CIA or Secret Service agent who demanded that he manoeuvre from behind the picket fence. Detecting a location at the top of the concrete stairs that sloped up to the Grassy Knoll, as the Presidential vehicle progressed down Elm Street, Gordon started to film, pursuing a bullet to pass extremely close to his left ear that impelled him to the ground. Illustrating that Senator Ralph Yarborough, who was in the car with Lyndon Johnson perceived a man plunge in mid-air and collide with the ground in the exact spot that Gordon claimed to have been positioned. After the shooting concluded, the witness adduced that two men that were embellished in Dallas Police attire confronted him about his film, one of these men demonstrated a rifle, removing the footage, before returning the camera to Gordon. This witness highlights the perception that the president was not assassinated by Oswald from the School Book Depository, but rather from the Grassy Knoll, indicating that the Warren Commission report was inaccurate in its evaluation of Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone assassin.

Engulfed within the elaborate puzzle of the JFK assassination, the Zapruder film stems into the obscure marvel in the alterations of the JFK assassination footage. This film is a silent, colour motion picture sequence shot with a home movie camera, according to the official account, a lone gunman, conveyed as Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository scoring two hits, with one miss. Abraham Zapruder was poised on a 4 foot concrete pedestal, which gave him a comprehensive perspective of the plaza and a suitable position for conducting his film, even though a freeway road sign partially obstructed the footage. A turbulence of pandemonium erupted, formulating one of the most eminent and illustrious debates to have surged through history over the authenticity of a 27 second home movie of the assassination, distinguished as the most significant amateur recording of a news event to have materialized amongst the past. Questions and inquiries have been promoted about fundamentally every aspect of the film and its interior content, the inconsistencies between eyewitness reports and the composition of the film, aberrations between the alleged genuine camera original and other copies, discrepancies between the footage and other photographic materials and displays along with the approach towards whether Zapruder really captured the film that bare his name. According to this depiction, the exposure of the fatal shot to President Kennedys head when immersed within his limousine was revealed almost exactly in front of, and slightly below Zapruder’s position. Many critics highlight that the frames have been faked and the film is a fraud, communicating that the government has been evoking to America’s citizens an immense lie, it can be demonstrated that the removal of individual or sequences of frames is conducted, in order to change the result of the execution. Over 40 witnesses have stated that immediately after the assassination the limousine stopped or slowed down drastically for one to two seconds, this is not exemplified amongst the film, at least four witnesses said that blood and brains blew out from the back of Kennedy's head, however in the Zapruder Film, there is no depiction of this interpretation, there is also an indication that the blood appears to be painted on, the footage should highlight the blood to spread amongst a sequence of frames, however it is only portrayed within a small couple, then disappearing altogether. The alterations in Zapruder’s film forced the display to suffer multiple additional defects and poor resolution caused by repeated resizing, retiming and rotation of each image, converging an obscure effect and consequence that covered up indications of frontal shots. This evokes the question of if the accuracy of the film is an authentic repersenation of the true event on November 22, 1963 along with if the secret service agents, FBI and CIA all had possession of the original composition, the conclusion would signify that the governmental groups were involved in its alteration, So what does this mean? If the Warren Commssion based their report on the timeline of the Zapruder film, then an aximatic indication exsposes the evidence to be inaccurate, misleading the identification towards the lone gunman theory of Oswald  assassinating President Kennedy.

Distinguishing Lee Harvey Oswald 10 minutes prior to Kennedy’s arrival, Carolyn Arnold conveyed the placid, tranquil individual poised and isolated in the employees second floor lunchroom at 12.15pm, gradually consuming a sandwich and a soda. Carolyn was an executive secretary to vice president of the School Book Depository, her timing of this observation has been corroborated convincingly amongst fellow employees who detected her departure from the office to transfer towards the lunchroom, Carolyn also established that previously she had recognized Oswald’s appearance in past times. If Oswald was the lone gunman and engineered of the plan to assassinate the president from the sixth floor of the Depository, why did he withhold such a passive emotion, contrasting to what one would presume to be absorbed with tension and anxiety? If this lone gunman was in the lunchroom, who were the shadowed figures portrayed manoeuvring and encompassing the sixth floor by numerous witnesses across the street from the buildings upper left window, at approximately the same time?  This formulates the idea that to physically organise, prepare and assemble the weapon, along with fortifying the rifles position to accumulate the right angle of degree within under 10 minutes appears to be theoretically unrealistic, highlighting the Warren Commission’s report of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin and killer of John F. Kennedy to be inaccurate and unreliable.

Encountered and identified on the second floor of the School Book Depository building consuming a soda, Roy Truly, Oswald’s superior and motorcycle patrolman Marion Baker evoked the assassin to be poised in a composed, passive manner 105 seconds after the first shot was interpreted, in the second floor cafeteria amongst the stairs. Exposed by the Warren Commission, they executed the three men’s encounter through two tests, emulating Baker walking, encompassing the second floor landing in 1 minute, 30 seconds, following by the sequel test of Baker manoeuvring in a form of a trot, enclosing the course in 1 minute, 15 seconds. The Commission exercised this assessment however in a deliberate conservative and delayed speed, according to Bakers testimony, this eyewitness travelled at an impetuous rate, formulating the essence that the Warren Commission forcibly conducted this action to create the impression that there was adequate time for Oswald to commit the inhumane crime. Evaluating the evidence and findings that the Commission exposed to the public, Oswald was alleged to have engineered to have ejected three bullets, with precise accuracy, using an out dated weapon to assassinate the president in under 7 seconds, physics would suggest this was beyond the bounds of possibility for a singular individual, progressing out of the snipers nest, equivocating obstructing boxes and stacks of books, disguising the rifle between two stacks, following by travelling at a diligent but accelerated speed down four flights of stairs, where Officer Baker portrayed Oswald in a harmonious, quiescent state, not gasping for breath, or withholding any form of an apprehensive expression. This was all in 105 seconds from the first shot to be distinguished; physics would suggest this was impossible for Oswald to have assassinated President Kennedy alone, justifying the Warren Commissions ideology of the lone gunman assassin to be inaccurate.

Evidence is recognized as proof by ones behaviour or attitude, it is to determine the truth of an assertion, John F. Kennedy, was identified riding an open car in a motorcade during an official visit to Dallas, Texas, the formation can be demonstrated as the president immersed towards the right rear seat with Mrs. Kennedy seated on the same seat to the left, Illustrated directly amongst the front was Governor John B. Connally, the vehicle was progressing at a conservative, reduced rate towards Elm street. Three shots were diagnosed as JFKs embodiment fell forward, bleeding from the head (Governor Connally was seriously wounded by the same gunfire). Hysteria, turmoil and chaos erupted as the injured were transferred to Parkland Hospital emergency room, a focus on the medical evidence was conducted to suggest that it might hold the key to understanding what took place in Dealey Plaza and where the shots originated from. The medical reports are usually taken to be the best evidence in a murder case, divulged within the assassination of JFK, the authenticity of the autopsy, X-rays and photographs have been challenged and debated repeatedly. The problems in this case are remarkable, because the autopsy, X-ray and photographs do not appear to be consistent with the medical report. The evidence also appears to be inconsistent with the account and perspectives of numerous eyewitnesses, including physicians and non-physicians, who observed the Presidents body prior to the alterations and modification that were enforced. The Warren Commission established the single bullet theory, which stated that two of the president’s wounds and all five of Governor Connollay’s were evoked by the “magic” bullet, the commission also promoted the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person shooting at the president, executing the phantasm to the public that the shot that terminated JFKs life was ejected by Oswald’s weaponry. This signifies that the exit wound must be in the front of the head and the entrance wound in the back of the head, all eye-witnesses, doctors and nurses that interpreted the presidents injuries have verbally conveyed that the exit of the bullet was at the back of the head, indicating that there was another shooter who was in front of the president, advocating a shot from the Grassy Knoll. All of the accurate autopsy photographic material highlights that the exit wound was in the back of the head, hard proof that there was another shooter, emphasizing the theory of a conspiracy. The imperative evaluations about the medical and photographic evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy has yet to be discovered, however there is an evident indication symbolizing the distorted and false authenticity of the autopsy, X-rays and photographs, along with the concept of Oswald being distinguished as the lone gunman, due to the direction the bullet submerged itself within the presidents brain, would have deprived from a frontal location such as from the Grassy Knoll.  

James Hepburn stated that “President Kennedy's assassination was the work of magicians. It was a stage trick, complete with accessories and fake mirrors, and when the curtain fell, the actors, and even the scenery, disappeared. The plotters were correct when they guessed that their crime would be concealed by shadows and silences, that it would be blamed on a madman and negligence”. The consequences of that tragedy continue to influence the course of our history, the Warren Commissions reports based on the ideology that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin who murdered John F. Kennedy has been engulfed with false misconceptions through the perspectives of eyes-witness such as Gordon Arnold, Carolyn Arnold and Marion Baker, along with alterations pursued in the Zapruder film and medical evidence has been conducted in order to manipulate the public into a distorted illusion. This evidence demonstrates that the Warren Commission was inaccurate with its findings that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gun and killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States. New discoveries, including scientific findings of fundamental importance, continue to be made, supporting the possibility that the truth is not beyond the American nations grasp, understanding the truth might even contribute to restoring the trust in there government.

By Emma Brookes

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level History of the USA, 1840-1968 section.

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