Opposition to The New Deal.

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Opposition to The New Deal.

The New Deal, it's many Administrations and their policies were making major changes to American Industry and society. As a result of this, some people were quite unhappy and attempted to stall The New Deal.

As time went on, FDR's gained more and more power over the reformation of the American economy and businesses. People feared the amount of power FDR had and started questioning his intent. What really caused people to question Franklin D. Roosevelt was his attempt to "fix" the Supreme Court. As the nine judges making up the court were mainly old and conservative, FDR believed they were too opinionated and too eager use their authority without considering the consequences. Therefore he decided it wise to request he appoint up to six new, open-minded judges. Some people saw this as FRD attempting to tamper with the constitution in order to give himself more power, and it scared them. It was mainly because of this reason that FDR's request was turned down, but the judges certainly seemed to have got the point and from then on were a lot more careful.
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Republicans certainly disliked The New Deal and found it dangerous. Leading Republican, Frank Knox, summed up Republican views on The New Deal by saying "The New Deal candidate has been leading us toward Moscow". By this he meant that with Roosevelt's increasing powers and his guidance and control over industry it seemed that he was slowly but surely verging towards communism. They also disliked Roosevelt's industrial laws because they took power of the owners and benefited the workers with policies such as trade unions and social security.

Some extreme opposition came from a self-educated man with ...

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