Stalin's Rise to Power notes.

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Stalin rise to Power.


Stalin’s Background:


                      Iosif Vissaionovich Dzugashvili born 21 December 1879 in Gori Georgia.


                      His native tongue was Georgian, started learning Russian at age 8.

Georgian not an indo-european language, distant relation to Basque, own alphabet.


Father Vissarion, was a cobbler (skomakare)

Mother Yekaterina, was a maid.

They had three sons, only Iosif survived.

Vissarion is described as a brutal and violent alcoholic. Mother protective. No actual proof of this.


Young Iosif does fairly well in school, gets a scholar to go on study, the principal signing the scholar happens to be Kerensky’s father…


After finishing school he starts to study to become a priest.


First takes the alias Koba, a name that he will use during his early revolutionary activity.


Between the years 1902 and 1913 he gets arrested 6 times for revolutionary activity. Rumor of him as a great escaper.

Join now!


Takes the alias Stalin around this time. Aliases are used to confuse the Czarist Secret Police.


The Revolution and until Lenin’s death.


Described by his comrades as a very rude and harsh person, but a typical “doer”, he gets things done.


Stalin helped starting up the newspaper Pravda (the Truth).


After the revolution he becomes Commissar for nationalities.


Stalin was also one of six members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.


From 1922 Stalin held the key position General Secretary of the party.


Lenin’s death 1924:

                      Trotsky vs Stalin.



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