Stresemann controlling inflation, was the main reason behind the success of the Weimar Republic in 1923-1928 do you agree?

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‘Stresemann controlling inflation, was the main reason behind the success of the Weimar Republic in 1923-1928’ do you agree?

Stresemann controlling inflation was an important factor behind the success of the Weimar republic in the years 1923-1928 but it was not the main reasons. Other factors for the success include the improved stance on International affairs, Social reforms, Young plan and the Dawes plan.

The main reason behind the success of the Weimar Republic in 1923-1928 was the improved stance of Germany within international affairs. One reason why this was so important was because they signed ‘The Locarno Pact’ of October 1925; this agreed that Germany would accept the boarders with France and Belgium which was specified in the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ in 1919. The other pacts signed was the Germany agreeing boarders with Poland and Czechoslovakia through the use of Arbitration only, likewise, with France and Belgium to agree a mutual defence act. This showed that Germany was not going to give in easily and didn’t want to agree to everything; giving Germany a more defiant stance among the other countries. In relation to the success of the Weimar Republic it was extremely successful because it put Germany on good relations as they were agreeing terms but on the other hand as they wouldn’t agree the boarders with Poland it still gave Germany a sense of “don’t walk over us”. The second biggest success from International affairs came along with Germany entering the ‘League of Nations’ in 1926; this was significant as it showed that Germany was being accepted amongst all the other countries and was a huge step forward for Germany to be working in co-operation with the powers. Following Germany’s entry in to the ‘League of Nations’ they signed the ‘Treaty of Berlin’ with the USSR, this was a huge reasons behind the success of the Weimar Republic as it gave them power over the western powers like the USA and Britain. This was because the western powers wanted to keep Germany from falling in to communism which they could be easily influenced to join the communist side with the USSR given the state that Germany was in. All these reasons were extremely significant as it showed Germany still had power over the western countries even though they had nothing at all.

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One other factor to the success of the Weimar Republic was the social reforms that Gustav Stresemann took. Stresemann introduced reforms to help the working class which involved benefits for work and built 3 million affordable homes for the struggling German citizens. These reforms helped many people as the economic climate in Germany was very poor and a lot of people had nothing, this increased the support of the Weimar Republic as the majority of citizens were being helped out. However this is not the most important reason as although this did help people it also upset very important citizens ...

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