Study Sources A and C. Compare these sources as evidence for Hitler's style of leadership.

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(a) Study Sources A and C

Compare these sources as evidence for Hitler's style of leadership.     (30)

Both sources A and C have a structuralist view of Hitler's leadership style however source A is not overly clear on its view. Source A says 'It is the duty of everybody to work towards the Fuhrer' this suggests that Hitler expects the people below him to keep the country running however also that they should believe he is a great force. The fact that people had to work towards him shows that he was a weak leader, not integrated into every detail of the running of the country which it is believe a strong leader should be.

Source C is very strong within its view of Hitler's leadership style. It talks you through Hitler's daily routine. He 'appeared around midday' showing that he spent half of his day in bed which is a sign of laziness indicating a lazy leader although after it goes on to say that he 'quickly read through Reich Press Chief Dietruch's press cuttings' this shows that he is interested in how the country is being run and the public opinion but it does not show he is fully in charge because he should already be informed. The source says 'it became more and more difficult to get him to make decisions' this ties with cabinet meetings being held less and less showing overtime his leadership weakened. It also says 'I have sometimes secured important decisions from him, even about important matters, without his ever asking to see the relevant files' this begs us to ask the question how did the Courtney function without the Fuhrer checking on the important decisions made. This leads back to source A which mentions delegating. Without the people under Hitler making decisions, Germany would have fallen apart. Whilst this could be a sign of a strong leadership the fact that Hitler 'took the view that many things sorted themselves out' and that 'he disliked the study of documents' this suggests a weak leader of Germany.

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Source A suggests that the citizens of Germany did not see the chaos that seemed to linger below the surface. It tries to defend Hitler's weak leader ship in a speech justifying the lack of written orders from Hitler. 'The Fuhrer can hardly dictate from above everything which he intends to achieve'. This is saying he is not a weak leader but simply does not have the time to give orders to everyone but source C tells us he simply could not be bothered to take an interest in many parts of the running of Germany at the ...

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