The Bourbon Monarchy was stable in the years 1815-1824. To what extent do you agree with this verdict?

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The Bourbon Monarchy was stable in the years 1815-24. To what extent do you agree with this verdict? (22)

The Bourbon monarchy was restored, once again, in France’s most unstable period after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815.

The Allies were divided and at a lost on who should replace the Napoleonic regime in France. Austria and Russian had favoured Napoleon’s three year old son, as his mother was Austrian, and Austria will gain power over France; however this did not work as Britain wanted the Bonaparte family to be totally removed from office. Their only options left were the two branches of the Bourbon royal family: the older branch of Louis XVIII and the younger branch of Louis Philippe.  The Allies settled on Louis XVIII as he was old, fat and dull, not ambitious enough to go to war and they would be able to manipulate him for their cause whereas Louis Philippe was young and unpredictable.

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Louis XVIII obtained the throne in 1815, the Allies, nevertheless had heavy hearts on their decision. They were concerned that Louis’ reign would be associated with the old regime of his brother, the country was verging on anarchy and animosity in parliament and social disorder.

To alleviate his passage of power, Louis granted the people of France the Charter of Liberties of 1814, a stabilising factor and an ‘olive branch’ to show that he was willing to compromise. It engaged the French public, for example, the first 12 articles offered them equality for all, opportunity for employment and in ...

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