The Man Who Stopped The Spread Of Communism in Europe in 1920.

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The Man Who Stopped The Spread Of Communism in  Europe  in 1920.

Maximilian Stella

Period D

March 8, 20001

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Marshall Jozef Pilsudski, was one of the most important persons in preventing the spread of Communism throughout Europe after World War I. His biggest success was the victory over the Bolshevik forces in 1920.

The victory over the Bolsheviks had arose after several important turning points in Polish history. One of them was the meeting in Versaille where the world- powers met after World War I to discuss several important issues concerning the new borders in Europe. Among those countries were France, England and the U.S. They decided to recreate Poland as a country. Poland had got its own government and land after 123 years of foreign rule by Austria, Prussia and Russia, which finally had to give up after their partitions of Poland in the 1790’s. In the developing country great personalities played an important role. Among them there was one of the greatest Poles that ever lived -Marshall Jozef Klemens Pilsudski.

 He was born on December 5th, 1867 in Zulowo near Vilnius to a noble, patriotic family. He early became active in the socialist movement and as a twenty-year-old young man, he was sent as thousands of other Poles to Siberia. Pilsudski was accused for a participation in an attempt on Tsar Alexander III ‘s life. When he returned to Poland, he became active in the opposition movement, and his politic carrier had begun.

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After the outbreak of World War I, Pilsudski became commander-in-chief of the first Brigade. He was a strategic and many of the Western leaders admired him for his acts and commitment in the war. In 1917 he was arrested by the Germans and spent 16 months in prison in Magdeburg. On November 10, he returned to Warsaw, where the

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Regency Council made him the chief of the military. After his return to Poland on November 11, Poland became a country again. On that date,since then, Poland celebrates its Independence Day. Poland wouldn’t manage to re-establish ...

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