The Root of All Evil

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Matthew Emmons

Mrs. Cerrone

Language/Composition AP

13 January 2005

The Root of All Evil

        Since the beginning of time, one great evil has corrupted the world. The evil gives one person the right to abuse, use, and misuse another human being just for his or her own personal gain. One would think that after all of these years the issue of slavery would be done with, but people today still have slaves and are racist to those who were slaves. No matter what time period, slavery and racism always seemed to expand and cause great conflicts. During the 1830’s to the 1860’s, slavery was expanded through the major conflicts with sectionalism, greed, and want for territorial expansion.

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        Unfortunately, the issue of slavery brought up sectionalism between the northern and southern states. Many southerners put a great deal of slaves to work upon their plantations so the slave owners could still have a normal life. At that time, the white slave owners made all of their money off the slaves working the plantations. Due to the southerners’ belief of superiority over the slaves, many of the owners became covetous and lazy. Our nation’s greed for money and land was added upon after the north had finally abolished slavery. With this, many slaves tried to escape their plantations for ...

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