"This indeed is an ebullient night. I shall sacrifice a thousand bulls for the sake of it." Said the King cheering up his son who looked rather uninterested in the whole feast.

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M. Mehdi Musawi

“This indeed is an ebullient night. I shall sacrifice a thousand bulls for the sake of it.” Said the King cheering up his son who looked rather uninterested in the whole feast. Instead, his eyes were longing to see his beloved mistress. It was obvious of his worried looks that he was waiting for the ceremony to come to an end so that he could quench his passion by accompanying the lady that sneaked into his soul, purloined his heart and left him with nothing to long for except her glittering eyes and fair angelic face.

Everything was loud and clear. The king has finally accomplished what he was working on since the prince’s birth, seventeen years ago. “At last, I now can be die peacefully knowing that my progeny will rule the kingdom that has whitened my black hair to keep it safe and secure.” Murmured the old man. The Prince gazed at his father. “Have you been seeking wealth and security for Gonzaria since you became its ruler after King José the conqueror? Have you wasted all your life trying to make Gonzaria the ‘perfect realm’?” he asked with astonishment. “Do you see anything wrong with that? You must acknowledge the fact that all this was done for no one except you my dear son,” replied the king in a pitiful tone. The prince looked back at his father. “I do thank the heavens for I am no longer under your control. I neither live in your palace, nor depending on the bounties of your throne. Your majesty” He said bowing for the king who could no longer bare the tragic path his life was wandering through. He sent a servant to inform the Prince that he is and will always be the successor after his father.

The message was passed to Prince André. A sigh was his answer; he just looked at his guests and said, “I do not know what to say. All what I am concerned about now is my heart’s bearer. What time will those people leave? I can swear by Venus, whom I utterly worship that most of them are gatecrashers. Can’t you see the way they’re behaving?” The servant did not know what to say but to agree on what was said. “Yes, indeed, definitely” was what he replied trying to avoid intensifying the Prince’s anxiety.

At midnight, Prince André made his way through the bushes and trees in an attempt to visit the bride inside her very own world. After climbing the tree facing Princess Violita’s balcony, he finally reached her chamber and saw her sleeping on her bed covered with flowers and colourful peaces of paper. However, her face was not apparent so he had to come closer to examine her beauty. As he came closer and closer, his eyes looked dazed for she wasn’t who he thought she was. The hopes of a seventeen-year-old prince have now been shattered. He was dreaming of a better life under the holy name of love for one another, him and his wife.

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It all started about four months ago. Prince André had gone hunting with a group of soldiers. Suddenly, the prince spotted a deer sprinting and hiding behind some bushes. The soldiers were ordered to remain in the positions. It was curiosity that dragged Prince André to go alone in order to capture that deer that looked so fascinating for him. It was like seeing something and loving it so much that he wanted to know more and more about it.

He approached the area where the deer was hiding and as he passed the bushes, he looked stunned and ...

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