"To what extent did Henry V11 enjoy limited success in his domestic policy?"

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To what extent did Henry V11 enjoy limited success in his domestic policy?”

In this essay I will be looking at Henry V11’s domestic policy, the reasons behind his it and its development during his reign. I will evaluate his policies taking into account the challenges he had to overcome to conclude whether or not his domestic policy was a success.

   In order to do this we have to look at the time in which Henry’s reign began. In 1485 Henry V11 won his claim to the throne in the battle of Bosworth against Richard 111.  This meant that he had an insecure hold on the crown. Throughout his reign he tried to secure his title and this is the building block on which his domestic policy is based. This made Henry a very cautious and protective monarch; he later became paranoid and over obsessive due to his original insecurities about his claim to the throne.

    As Henry’s reign ended the civil war known as the Wars of the Roses the country was uncertain about the authority of the king and the impoverished kingdom needed money and sustainability.  Therefore he had to think carefully about his methods of control.

   Henrys first challenge was to overturn doubts about the legitimacy of his claim to the thrown and heal the differences between and Lancaster and York.  This resulted in his marriage to Elizabeth of York, uniting the two families to produce the Tudor rose.   Although this was successful in some respects Henry still had difficulties with rivals throughout his reign.

     To keep rivals under control and too a minimum he paid special attention to the control of the nobles.  Firstly he abolished standing armies, restricted the creation or advancement of new nobles and curbing actions of the nobles using legal and financial instruments.  One example of these was attainders.   These were special laws aimed at specific individuals to allow the monarch to seize the title and possessions of the accused without trial.  This method was ruthlessly efficient means of extending the lands of the crown and decisively weakening potential enemies.  Another method Henry used to restrain the nobility was by creating courts within central government to deal with disobedient nobles, and a special group of councillors where set up by the Star Chamber act of 1487 to stop illegal retaining.

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   This was one way Henry made money for the impoverished kingdom.  There were many others, in fact making money was at the top of Henry’s agenda and he exploited all ways of making money including loans bonds and recognisance’s..   Henry was a money wise and careful monarch, who restored the fortunes of an effective bankrupt exchequer by introducing efficiently ruthless mechanisms of taxation. Henry looked after money very personally up to 90 per cent of money collected by Henry went to household dept chamber in which he went daily to check the records.  Taxes were not henrys only ...

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