To what extent is Nation narrative on the Civil War and Reconstruction multi-centric?

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Multiple Experiences of the Civil War and Reconstruction

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To what extent is Nation narrative on the Civil War and Reconstruction multi-centric?

It would be very legit to start off with the definition of multi-centric. Multi-centric could be defined as having more than one center, or in other words having multiple centers of origin. Bragdon et al.’s America: History of a Free Nation is loaded with enough information to teach a class about American History and more importantly about the American Civil War and the Reconstruction. The chapters of the Civil War and the reconstruction are not fully multi-centric. The text book has much information revolving around the northern and southern white folks but the perspectives of the African Americans are very limited. There isn’t any details’ showing the suffering the Negro’s went through and the battles they have won. Also, neither the Native Americans nor Women have a big part in the text book. In addition, natives were not mentioned during the reconstruction chapter, therefore making the chapters on the Civil War and Reconstruction not multi-centric.

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A huge battle fought by African Americans was the second attack on Fort Wagner on July 18th, 1863 as not mentioned in the textbook. Leading the way was the 54th Massachusetts regiment.   This regiment was the North’s crack black unit, but it had not yet been involved in a major battle. The attack on Fort Wagner would be its first real test. The 54th black regiment managed to reach the walls of the fort, even maintaining their position for an hour before being pushed back with 25% casualties.  The 54th Massachusetts regiment had amply proved its worth. Their attack on Fort ...

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