To what extent was Henry VI to blame for the troubles in England in his reign?

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To what extent was Henry VI to blame for the troubles in England in his reign?

In 15th century England, commotion and chaos swept across the country. There were many Kings during this time but it is argued that there is one who in particular is responsible for much of the carnage that struck England in this period. He was Henry VI. Henry VI was King of England from 1422 to 1461. He succeeded to the throne at the age of only 9 months. During his reign, England came across many problems which made people question  whether Henry should be the heir to the throne; people placed blame on him for the troubles that occured during his reign, the most famous being the Wars of the Roses which brought anarchy to England  between 1455 and 1487. There were lots of reasons why the Wars of the Roses started, with Henry taking responsibility for many of them.

        In the 15th century, there was a great need for a strong, respected and efficient monarchy in England.When Henry VI succeeded the throne, great things were expected from him as his father was a strong, bold character and warrior; Henry had a lot to live up to. One line of argument is that Henry was not fit for the throne; he was not the good King that England needed at the time. He was weak and lacked leadership skills and charisma. He had no strength of character. His lack of the qualities that were crucial for Kingship resulted in troubles which swept across England.

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 Henry's lack of leadership skills showed when he failed to keep law and order. He also allowed himself to be dominated by a group of nobles and was too generous towards them with patronage.This caused jealousy and resentment among the rest of the nobility and led to corruption especially in the provinces. An example of this is right from the time he assumed control as king in 1437, he allowed his court to be dominated by a few noble favourites; the faction in favour of ending the war in France which had started before his reign, quickly came to dominate, ...

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