To what extent was King the most significant civil rights leader ?

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To what extent was King the most significant leader of the African American quest for equal rights 1865 – 1992 Martin Luther King is probably the most famous civil rights leader ever, his message having permeated through national divides and survived the tests of time.  His name is usually the first to come to mind when the topic of the African American struggle for civil rights in mentioned, but despite this many other key figures played an integral part in the successes of the movement, and we cannot be sure if the results would have ever been the same without all of them. King rose to fame on the back of his first major victory. In 1955 Buses in Montgomery Alabama were segregated with whites getting the best seats, yet despite this over 75% of the revenue for the bus companies came from Afro-Americans. Rosa Parks, an African American woman refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man despite the demands of the bus driver. The local community took up her case and a full scale boycott soon started. It was the newly appointed Minister of a local Church who came to lead this boycott, Martin Luther King. 381 days later and the boycott finished with the supreme court deciding that the Brown ruling of a 1954 should
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apply to busses as well, and as a result be de-segregated. This was a massive victory for the local black community in Montgomery, but perhaps even more importantly catapulted King straight into the political limelight. His brilliant oratory skills that helped win this boycott brought him national fame, and the King movement of non violence was thus born. In 1958 he published his book “A stride towards freedom” which outlined his non violent and progressive views. He was nearly killed in Harlem while promoting it and his survival greatly increased his profile. A key factor was that he was from ...

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